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Die casting flatness,aluminum plate flatness

Die casting flatness,aluminum plate flatness specification: we can make 0.1 plate flatness tolerance  by any material--copper,brass,aluminium etc. Request Quote request quote for Plate,die casting In the manufacture of precision parts and assemblies, especially where parts will be required to be connected across a surface area in an air-tight or liquid-tight manner, flatness is a critical quality of the manufactured surfaces. Such surfaces are usually machined or ground to achieve the required degree of flatness. High-definition metrology, such as digital holographic [...]

HongKong Die casting company

Simplify the company name -- SYX Limited (SYX), Registered   HongKong Die casting company , ShenZhen SongYuXing Mould Casting Co.,Ltd  (深圳市松裕兴模具有限公司)move towards the internationalization why we change the name Many customer said our company name is too long , diffcult to remenber and said . how about calling  SYX. so we change .easy&simple .      

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