what is die casting

what is die casting

what is die casting? Die casting is very  similar to  Plastic injection,so 90% plastic part can be change to metal(Aluminum, zinc, and magnesium,copper,etc) , Only need remade the new higher -cost die cast mold and use die cast machine. With the improvement of people’s living standard, Metal is becoming more and more important.This is the trend .  so die casting  is important processs. In the all Fabrication  of metal ,  metal die casting process is  cost effective ,easy make, good quality than other process, such as cnc machining ,stamping,forged ,cnc lathe,extrusion etc. you can get some boring idea from wiki die casting

what is high pressure die casting

High pressure die casting (HPDC) is a  manufacturing process for components of different sizes and shapes .The die casting process usually produce parts using aluminum, zinc, copper, and magnesium.  SYX die casting china only supply  aluminum die casting china , zinc die casting , Mgnesium die casting, In future,maybe copper die casting ,iron die casting .6061 die casting . we have a team to research how to meet customer requirement. contact us :Skype /whatsapp/phone/wechat: 86-18676679161  .

Die Casting Advantages and Disadvantages

Cast aluminum alloy properties Stronger

Dissipate heat quickly

Die Casting precision is high and stability

The die cast flatness is good

cost is high    —-the mold price is high ,and the part  aslo expensicie

MOQ is high  ——you need to order lots of  part

time is  long            because there are many process for die casting ,so delivery time is long

problem more            beause we need make the die casting part  by manual , so many problem

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Aluminum A384.0 Die Casting Alloy

A384 is an aluminum alloy that is commonly used in die casting. It has good casting characteristics and high [...]

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How big can you die cast?

How big can you die cast? SYX LTD  can make casting part up to 250 pounds。(Max weight 132LBS,Max length 118inch) [...]

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high-pressure die cast aluminum alloy: AlSi10MnMg

AlSi10MnMg  aluminum die casting alloy specification   high strength and toughness aluminum alloy Alisi10mnmg is an aluminum alloy brand of [...]

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What is real resulst of ADC12 Chemical compositions

What is  real resulst of ADC12 Chemical compositions   All material suppliers is they own material specifications , we call that [...]

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die cast draft angle

Die cast draft angle meant the taper or slope in perpendicular direction of the casting. Most of die-casting surfaces which vertical [...]

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Die casting Advantages and Disadvantages

Die casting Advantages and Disadvantages Choose suitable Technics for your excellent idea according to Die casting Advantages and Disadvantages. Find [...]

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aluminum die casting wall thickness maximum & minimum

Aluminum die casting wall thickness maximum & minimum    aluminum die casting wall thickness is key for die casting part [...]

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Top Design Tips for aluminum die casting design guide

How to make aluminium die casting design to Suitable for high – volume production needs There are many problem in [...]

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aluminum die casting defects

How do you overcome Aluminum die casting defects ?Aluminum die casting defects is an undesired irregularity in a aluminium [...]

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aluminum adc12 composition -Testing report

How to get Testing report of Aluminum Adc12  Composition    Promet metals testing Laboratory can analyze casting alloy by advanced analytical [...]

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aluminium die casting VS Plastic injection

Are considering whether you can use the right kind of plastic for making the 2.4meter x 0.5m x 0.4 [...]

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sand casting and die casting

Die Casting VS  Sand Casting 11 August 2020 Successful die casting or sand casting process adds value to your business and [...]

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adc12 aluminum alloy die casting specification

Adc12 aluminum die casting alloy specification When specifying the appropriate aluminum alloy for creating optimal die casting components during [...]

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Zinc vs aluminium die casting

if you have any question or advise ,please feel free to conctact us .if you think this pose  help [...]

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aluminum die casting vs magnesium die casting vs zinc

 Aluminum alloy die casting  VS  Magnesium alloy die casting ADC-12 ADC-12 silicon containing high liquidity, easy to die aluminum alloy is [...]

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Die casting flatness,aluminum plate flatness

Die casting flatness,aluminum plate flatness specification: we can make 0.1 plate flatness tolerance  by any material–copper,brass,aluminium etc. Request Quote request [...]

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Case Studies of high pressure Die Casting

High Pressure Die Casting Material

How to choose right material for your excellent design

aluminium  die casting product is commonly used for use for  the product :Light weight , large ,thick.

zinc die casting product is commonly used for  the product :heavy weight , small ,thin.excellent surface finished

Magesium die casting is commonly used for  lightest product

Metal injection matial (MIM)

metal injection material  is  stainless steel ,and steel alloy ,iron.

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