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Sand casting and Die casting

Sand Casting Vs Die Casting

1 Moldeo en arena —Pequeño costo de molde, corte rápido en el mercado, bajo riesgo de entrada de proyecto. pero a presión fundición necesidad de más tiempo para hacer el molde .and el costo es tan caro .

2. There are more sand holes in the sand casting ,and the surface apperance is bad .and die casting part has good surface appearance . only a little sand hole .so we need fix the problem by hand .for example ,putty or welding the surface,polish the rough surface .

3.sand casting thinkness need large than 3mm, and need machine more by cnc machining .so the product cost is very highest than die casting part .

4. Surface finishedwe only suggest choosing powder coating for sand casting part . and for die casting ,you can use Surface Finish Metal Parts

5.sand casting mould is very easy to modify . we can make it by wooden and aluminium . so if you have large change on the design . the cost also very cheapest . instead ,hard and more cost for modifing the die casting tooling .the die casting mould material is iron (h13,8407,skd61),the hardness is about HRC 46° -48° . so if you choose die casting ,we suggest to make rapid prototype first to check the design.

6. please click to learn more about die casting and sand casting

Sand Casting

Sand casting is the use of clay bonded sand molding materials for the production of castings, is a long history of the process, is also the most widely used process methods. Speaking of a long history can be traced back thousands of years ago; on its application, you can say that no one around the world do not

Die casting

A metal casting process characterized by applying a high pressure to the molten metal using a mold cavity.Molds are usually made of alloys of higher strength, and this process is somewhat similar to injection molding

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