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The basic die casting process consists of injecting molten metal under high pressure into a steel mold called a die.

Advantages of Pressure Aluminium Die Casting China :
1. Aluminium Die Casting Lower costs compared to other processes.

2. Economicaltypically production of any number of components from thousands to millions before requiring replacement is possible.

3. Castings with close dimensional control and good surface finish

4. Castings with thin walls, and therefore are lighter in weight

Aluminum Die Casting Part Examples

Aluminium Die Casting Process

To confirm the design correct before mould making,we suggest you to choose Metal Rapid Prototyping. Wide variety of alloys to choose.6061,6063,6061-T6 ADC12 and Zinc , A356,A380,ADC10,etc. Plus de 17 years experience in Design, Product structure development,Precision part manufacturing


Simulation Report,Tooling Design


Making mold In house, Making various size of molds, the biggest mold we have made so far is of 8 tons with dimension of 2000mmx2000mmx1000mm. The best tolerance we can meet is 1mm for mold and 2mm for parts.

10 Sets die casting machine : 2000T LK Group ,1250T cold chamber die casting machine.which is made by GUANDONG YIZUMI PRECISION MACHINERY co.,ltd . Other Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine.:800T ,650T 400T 280T 260T 160T.all in house

ébavurage, Polissage,Sand-blasting

Forage,tapotement,Surface Finishing

50 sets cnc machine: 1165 CNC machining center,1060 CNC machining center,850 CNC machining center,650 CNC machining center,2 cnc lathe etc

The advantage of the Aluminium Die Casting Surface Finishing

1.1 Reflectivity and appearance 1.2 Tarnish resistance 1.3 Ability to bond to rubber (e.g., vulcanizing) 1.4 Hardness 1.5 Enhanced electrical conductivity 1.6Wear resistance 1.7 chemical resistance 1.8 electrical resistance

1.9 Electrical conductivity

Overview of the Aluminium Die Casting Finishing

Revêtement en poudre , Silk Screen Printing ,La peinture
Plating, Vibratory Finishing , Anodising
Polissage, Impregnation,Ball Burnishing
Phosphating,Shotblasting, Alochroming
electrophoresis,Chromating, Degreasing

Assembly structure in house ,SYX have well entrenched Q&A procedures in place, excellent financial management and proactive thinking in business management

SYX China Die Casting Company Information

Equipment List

Cold-chamer die casting machine

(280T,400T ,550T,800T,1250T,2000T)

Aluminum Alloys:

JIS STANDARDS: ADC1, ADC3, ADC10, ADC12 and etc.

AA STANDARDS: A413,A360,A380,A383 and etc.

Die casting Size &Weight Capacity

70″ x 70″ x 50″

25 kg max


EV Car,AFFICHAGE LED, Carters moteur

ÉCLAIRAGE LED,télécommunications


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