anodizing die casting aluminium

Anodizing Die Cast Aluminium

anodised aluminium casting

anodised aluminium casting example

anodized die-cast aluminum

anodized die-cast aluminum example


1.This is color by anodizing die casting alumium .similiar white color

2. Easy to produce .Excellent heat dissipation,high – grade leval product

3.This is use for ev car motor drive or controller. For motor controller ,

4. The ADC12 grade casted part can be anodized


6063 anodized aluminum VS Adc12 die casting aluminium

Pure aluminium 6063 by CNC machining is much more expensive than die casting aluminum.

The anodize die-cast aluminum alloys colors can’t be as bright as 6063 that is anodized.In the market , if anodized die casting part can instead of cnc machined product, why iphone housing made by cnc maching ? so now we can’t .but future ,why not?

we only can anodize white ,black ,grey ,clear color to die casting part .but many color for 6063 anodized aluminium like this: cnc lathe 1

if you want more color in die casting part, you can choose painting or plate .

FAQ’s about anodizing for aluminum die casting and die casting parts
What is anodizing

What is black hard anodizing?

Aluminum alloy hard anodizing main purpose is to improve the performance of aluminum and aluminum alloys, including corrosion resistance, wear resistance, weatherability, insulation and adsorption, etc.

How many colors can anodize for die casting parts?

why zinc die casting parts can’t be anodize.

why die casting parts anodize before powder coating

Increase adhesion of powder coating ,pass 400h Salt spray test

For more information on anodizing die casting aluminium ,please contact us by skype : gdszsyx .choose another surface finished instead of anodizing . click die casting surface finish