Sand Casting

Custom Sand Casting CHINA

We produce aluminum castings and sand castings weighing just a few ounces or hundreds of pounds and in a variety of alloys to accommodate all of your casting needs.we have Tooling Department,Casting Department,Cnc Department,Powder Coasting Department to meet Custom requirment.

We have strict standards for quality control. All of our castings are visually inspected throughout all stages of production and finishing. We strive aggressively for 100 percent on-time delivery and satisfied customers.

Advantages of Pressure Aluminium Sand Casting China :
1. Aluminium Die Casting Lower costs compared to other processes.

2. Economical – typically production of any number of components from thousands to millions before requiring replacement is possible.

3. small quantity Low cost, , only a little sand holes

4. Small cost of mould, quick cutting in market, low risk of project input

Aluminum Sand Casting Part Examples

Sand Casting

Aluminium Sand Casting Process

To confirm the design correct before mould making,we suggest you to choose Metal Rapid Prototyping. Wide variety of alloys to choose.6061,6063,6061-T6 ADC12 and Zinc , A356,A380,ADC10,etc. Over 17 years experience in Design, Product structure development,Precision part manufacturing


Simulation Report,Tooling Design


Making mold In house, Making various size of molds, We build moulds in our factory and that we have a decent ability in sand casting mold style, and make patterns, using wood, aluminum, or resin or bubble .

once the Al is cool, separate from the sand mould and take away the casting.,Finishing the casting, we’ll take away the sand on the casting by manual or shot blasting. Then future machining, like drilling and milling, cnc machine,lathe,powder coating


Deburring, Polishing,Sand-blasting

Drilling,Tapping,Surface Finishing

50 sets cnc machine: 1165 CNC machining center,1060 CNC machining center,850 CNC machining center,650 CNC machining center,2 cnc lathe etc

The advantage of the Sand Casting Surface Finishing

1.1 Reflectivity and appearance 1.2 Tarnish resistance 1.3 Ability to bond to rubber (e.g., vulcanizing) 1.4 Hardness 1.5 Enhanced electrical conductivity 1.6Wear resistance 1.7 chemical resistance 1.8 electrical resistance

1.9 Electrical conductivity

Overview of the Sand Casting Finishing learn more

Powder Coating , Silk Screen Printing ,Painting
Plating, Vibratory Finishing , Anodising
Polishing, Impregnation,Ball Burnishing
Phosphating,Shotblasting, Alochroming
electrophoresis,Chromating, Degreasing

Assembly structure in house ,SYX have well entrenched Q&A procedures in place, excellent financial management and proactive thinking in business management

SYX China sand Casting Company Information

Equipment List

Cold-chamer die casting machine

(280T,400T ,550T,800T,1250T,2000T)

Aluminum Alloys:

JIS STANDARDS: ADC1, ADC3, ADC10, ADC12 and etc.

AA STANDARDS: A413,A360,A380,A383 and etc.

Sand Casting Size &Weight Capacity:

70″ x 70″ x 50″

25 kg max


EV Car,LED DISPLAY, Motor Housings

LED LIGHTING,Telecommunications


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