Los mejores consejos para el Diseño de aluminio de fundición a presión guía de diseño

Cómo hacer que el diseño de fundición a presión de aluminio de alta Adecuado para – volume production needs

There are many problem in die casting part,como 650 ° C de aluminio fundido bajo alta presión con más proceso manual secundaria a su producto final de fundición a presión .So gran diseño de fundición a presión es el primer paso en su proyecto de fundición a presión .

aluminio morir diseño fundición guidelines

Please click Product_Specification_Standards_for_Die_Casting pdf to see the dogmatic of die casting deisign. but we will tell you some actual experience in what we met in china die casting manufactuer .hope this experience can let you learn casting part quick and efficient.

Aluminio Die Casting Draft,Fillet,Ribs

Larger draft ,fillet,ribs is better for mass production ,less die casting defect occured .you can learn more in the die casting pdf.

aluminum die casting Wall Thickness

Syx die casting company consultation: in general, wall thicknesses for a die cast design range from 0.06 en. (1.5 mm) a 0.236 en. (6 mm), but some time I make 10 mm thickness with large die casting machine.and the cost is higher ,some smallest problem occured

superficie acabada

powder coating thickness is about 0.1mm, painting is 0.03mm


Try to mill as less material as possible to avoid sand hole.

if you need stable size ,try to heat treatment to the diecasting part

Matching parts to die casting component

so if you have matching part like extrusion ,el plastico ,estampado ,we must consider the tolerance between two parts. otherwise ,it’s hard to assemble.

Stamping part:

if the cover is stamping part , we suggest make it by NC punching or laser first ,after die casting part finished .then open mold for stamping.

Die casting design calculations

Simulation after die casting design ,we can easy to know how stronger the casting product. and avoid lots of mistake .like can’t assemble,easy broken. we suggest use ug ,solidwork ,it’s easy for rookie with guideline


aluminium die casting design molten aluminium like the water , gating system like mountain ,overflow like the sea. if you want to design excellent die casting component ,you only need to think how to water esay flow from mountain to sea. (if you like,pls share it ,thanks you )

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