aluminum die casting wall thickness maximum & minimum

Aluminum die casting wall thickness maximum & minimum

aluminum die casting wall thickness is key for die casting part .wall thickness is the distance between two parallel or nearly parallel surfaces. Ideally ,Same thickness is better for make excellent aluminium die casting .and typical wall thickness for a cast design range from 0.040 in.(1.016) to 0.2 in.(5.08),depending on constrution,application,size etc. but for your ideal design ,syx help you set up extraordinary thinkness according to your die cast product .I’ll tell you all about that in this blog post .how to make more than 8 mm thickness for your die cast component and how you should choose suitable thickness

Standard wall thickness of die cast aluminum

Keep the range of thickness within 2X of the thinnest wall ,and keep the wall as thin as possible to meet the castings functional requirements

how many maximum wall thickness can be made by aluminium die casting

As the thickness of a die casting part increases ,strength decreases , void and pits,porosity comes in the inner.

if you only want more heavy for die casting part , we suggest to add some ribs,pls see die casting heatsink

syx can meet the requirement of thick . we make 20 mm thickness for our customer by large die casting machine and excellent technology .

what is best thickness for die casting part, why it’s important for die casting product

Thin-walled die castings have higher strength and better compactness than thick-walled die castings .It has been proved that 2.5-4mm is suitable for the design , and the die casting process is not suitable for parts whose wall thickness exceeds 8 mm。

how many minimum wall thickness can be made by aluminum die casting

In SYX ,we can use vacuum die casting process to help you make thin wall thickness for die casting part ,pls feel free to contact me [email protected]

Pls see the table to learn the normal die casitng wall thickness

3D drawing die casting

The yellow area at the wall thickness


Wall Thickness H(MM)
>50022.5 2.5 4 2.5 4

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