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China die casting manufacturer –SYX Limited is professional company in Aluminum die casting, Zinc die cast, Mg casting,Sand casting with Machinery & assembly service

  • Magnesium die casting

    Magnesium die casting for led display module

    Magnesium die casting for led display module procedure: ,2 rapid prototype service by cnc machining 3. 1250T Die Casting china, 4 Flatness is about 0.15 5. Surface treatment: deburring, polishing,Powder coating 6. cnc machining 7.Inspection and packing,assembly

    2 material : Az91d

    3.Size:mm ,weight

    4. Application: LED DISPLAY

  • zinc-die-casitng-lock

    zinc die casting process

    zinc die casting process procedure: and making Mould 2.160T Die Casting ,cnc machining3. Surface treatment: deburring, polishing,sand-blasting 4.Inspection and packing

    2 material : zinc 3#

    3.Size:mm ,weight

    4. Application: BYD electrocar Die Casting supplier

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