SYX is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. we are china Die Casting Company , located in shenzhen,guangdong , Chine. We are excllent aluminum die casting manufacturer china with zinc die cast ,MG die casting ,usinage CnC ,Assemblée . we offer from Prototyping to Mass- product .Our die cast company is located in guangdong china . We are a contract manufacturer and provider of die cast and cnc machining solutions. With in-house CNC machining and surface finished capabilities we offer a complete product if needed.We have proven that our quality management system stands with the best practices and standards in the world!Thank you to our customers and parner that have made this possible.

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SYX limitée Email :[email protected] wechat: 86-18676679161 SKYPE: GDSZSYX


TS19649 die casting

TS 16949 entreprise matrice de couléeISO9001 die casting company

iso 9001 certification matrice de coulée

die casting business-licence

china die casting & china cnc maching company


hongkong aluminum die casting manufacturer china & cnc maching company



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Partenaire d'aluminium coulée sous pression Chine fabricant ,usinage cnc ,Assemblée

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