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Die Casting China  (Al  Zn Mg)
ISO9001 / TS16949 다이 캐스트 회사
진공 알루미늄 다이 캐스팅, CMM, 분말 코팅
제한 다공성 압력 다이 캐스팅 부품

CNC 머시닝
1MM-1,600mm 크기 CNC 가공 서비스
금속 신속한 프로토 타입별로 작은-실행

무료 디자인, 작은 배치 생산
어셈블리에 대한 개념에서 원 스톱 솔루션

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High pressure Die Casting Company China

SYX MOTTO is Quality first, with competitive price and delivery in time


   Since 1999, SYX die casting company specialized in Metal rapid prototyping, Aluminium Die Casting China, Zinc Die-Casting , Magnesium Die cast,Aluminum Profile, Precision CNC Machining, Die Casting Mould and Assembly/Oem.  Whether you need a single part, the batch of prototypes, or full production orders of die casting part , SYX Die Casting manufacturer will find the best solution to save your time and cost and turn your design into end-use parts.


  Our structural engineers assist designer complete and realize your design ,  handled one stop service for your business , enabling you to focus on your core business processes. We don’t specialize in any industry; we specialize in what china die casting manufacturer do –  professional Custom Fabrication Services for aluminum and zinc part

 ISO 9001-2000& TS16949 Die Casting Supplier

We prove your die-casting part stong and machinability by Quality Management System.  So we invest automation system in die casting plant ,also have vaccum die casting equipment,CMM,50 Sets CNC ,X-ray . That is why we offer highest quality die cast ,cnc machining ,aluminum extrusion components .

High pressure Die Casting china for  highly demanding  Industries

Electric Car | Moto Auto Car | LED DISPLAY | Led Light | Medical |TeleCommunication 5G| Furniture|Smart Home  which need  custom housing or component . Above all our Zinc/ Aluminum Die Casting Company is highly acclaimed by customers. BYD – SANY – Huawei-Zoomlion – INVT – PHILIPS- Discolor -Urmet-etc.Over 20 years experiences,SYX help you success in Custom Fabrication Services.So if you need  Aluminum parts or CNC machined part.  SYX will be the best choice for you. 


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