aluminum die casting

Aluminum die casting process

Aluminum die casting process like  An Art Tour Of A Aluminium Die Casting Ingot
Aluminium is a very, very old material coming from deepest place of our civilization and of our humanity. It is incredibly strong, is light and has same struture as plastic or sheet meta.

Step 1.Melt the solid aluminium material by center furnace

aluminium die casting furnace


Step 2.Keep the diecasting aluminum casting temperature

keep the diecasting aluminium water temp.

Step 3. Pour aluminium water into holding furnace

aluminium water holding furnace
Step 4.  Pour away aluminium to  die casting mold

injection die casting

Step 5.Aluminum die casting

aluminum die casting

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Final we finished the aluminium die casting process ,it’s crazy magic the Solid aluminium ingot to your die casting product . but There’s still a lot of work waiting the aluminium die casting part .coming soon

aluminum die casting

Die Casting Aluminum Process

Soucing aluminum die cast product from  china ? SYX is Top aluminum die casting Manufacturer  in china .has 8 aluminium casting machinies in house ,ranging from 280 T to 2000 T .can produce parts in a range of sizes from 0.75′ –59″ weight : max 78 lb . Aluminium Die casting is a  aluminium casting process that is characterized by forcing molten aluminium under high pressure into a dies cavity . The tooling cavity is created using two hardened mould steel dies which have been machined into shape and work  in the same way as an injection  processs.Adc12 is the most popular metal choice for aluminum die cast.

Some tips of sourcing aluminium die casting part

                                                         aluminum die casting Manufacturer SYX let you sourcing easy ,safe

  1. Material :  Adc12 is the most popular metal choice for aluminum die casting  china. Because it offers the best combination of mechanical and physical properties,As standard die casting material -save you cost ,and has stabilised quality ,and easy to buy.The applications  die casting  aluminium adc12 is suitable for auto ,Led ,Comnuication,furniture,etc. so if you buy die casting product in china , change to use adc12 material .it can delivery on time ,and same quality ,even higher than other brand materail

2. if you meet more aluminum die casting defect in china die cast supllier , choose center furnace and holding furnace  for aluminium die casting process .Suitable die casting machine for aluminium diecast ,Large die casting and brand machine(LK ,YIZHUMI) can ensure the high quality die casting part. it aslo can avoid  many defect of die casting .


Advantages of Aluminium Die Casting

  • Aluminum Die Cast parts can be powder coating, anodized, painted  with Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight Die casting of aluminium products is offered at competitive prices
  • Good mechanical properties assure Die Casting precision is high and stability and The  flatness is good,even  thin walls and complex shapes
  • Dissipate heat quickly,High thermal and electrical conductivity

die cast aluminium alloy

  • ADC 12  is one of the most commonly specified aluminium alloy used for die casting parts
  • A360  if your die casting product  is used at the seaside.a360 or YL102 is good choice
  • Learn more information about die casting material

Aluminium die casting design guide

adc12 aluminum alloy die casting

aluminum adc12 composition -Testing report

How to get Testing report of Aluminum Adc12  Composition    Promet metals testing Laboratory can analyze casting alloy by advanced analytical instruments. The Third Party Inspection Institution in hongkong .it’s aslo ranked top ten lab in the world.and no.1 lab in china.SYX Die Casting LTD check the raw material,semi-finishd products and end product every year.It can effectively prevent materials being out of specifications.In general ,material can be contaminated by adding foreign material or excessive recycling. Please see the test report attached [...]

aluminium die casting VS Plastic injection

Are considering whether you can use the right kind of plastic for making the 2.4meter x 0.5m x 0.4 meter cast. Now  I compare  the  aluminium metal   and plastic The Flatness : aluminum is better ,and stability. the strenghness  :aluminum is more durable  and more tensile strength. the cost ,the plastic part  is cheapest ,The tooling also cheap than die casting aluminium The heatsink:aluminium raise cooling effciency,add external aluminium radiating rib for dissipate heat quickly if you have choose aluminum with limited money . you [...]

Zinc vs aluminium die casting

if you have any question or advise ,please feel free to conctact us .if you think this pose  help you ,please share it .thanks a lot Aluminum alloy die casting VS  Zinc alloy die casting Overviews zinc vs aluminum weight: zinc win zinc vs aluminum cost :It’s depand on the die casting product struture. In general .small part (zinc die casting win),large die casting parts (aluminium die casting win) zinc vs aluminium surface treament: aluminium win process: anodize,heat treatment,polish,sand blasting zinc die casting process: plating, other [...]

aluminum die casting vs magnesium die casting vs zinc

 Aluminum alloy die casting  VS  Magnesium alloy die casting ADC-12 ADC-12 silicon containing high liquidity, easy to die aluminum alloy is heavier then magnesium . Outstanding high corrosion resistance.Good smooth appearance, Aluminum alloy can be used to obtain good mechanical properties, physical properties ,good flatnees Magnesium alloy die casting can be cast thin wall and complex structure of the product Aluminum alloy die casting  VS  Zinc die casting Zinc die Casting performance is good, can cast  complex, thin wall precision,surface smooth shape and parts. zinc is heaviest materail [...]

aluminium die casting products

  • die casting part for electric car

    Aluminum Pressure Die Casting manufacturer for electric car

    Aluminum Pressure Die Casting manufacturer for electric car procedure: and makingMould  2.800T  Die Casting ,cnc machining3. Surface treatment: deburring, polishing,sand-blasting  4.Inspection and packing

    2 material : aluminum ADC12

    3.Size:mm ,weight

    4. Application: BYD electrocar  Die Casting supplier

  • comunication die casting china

    China Aluminum die casting for communication

    Our offered China Aluminum die casting  for communication with the top grade material and advance die casting machine,center furnace,cnc machining,powder coating line.DFM,Diecast Simulation available, Along with this, our personnel ensure that flawless products are delivered meet our customer  requirement.

    Features: aluminium die casting ,cnc machining ,powder coating


  • RF Filter case aluminium die casting

     RF Filter case aluminium die casting  procedure:  ,2 rapid prototype service  by cnc machining 3.  ,Die Casting china, 4 cnc machining   5. Surface treatment: deburring, polishing, plating, power coating6. Inspection and packing

    2 material : ADC12

    3.Size:mm ,weight

    4. Application:   Communication


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how does aluminium die casting work

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