adc12 aluminum alloy die casting specification

adc12 aluminum alloy die casting Adc12 aluminum casting alloy specification- die cast Aluminium alloys A383

Nickname: ADC12 is Japanese industrial standard alloy .

ADC is short for Aluminum die castings . Click aluminum high pressure die casting to learn more

Equivalent : Chinese alloy YL113, Same as America alloy A383.

Density die casting of ADC12(A383) :2.75g/cm^3.

Aluminum casting temperature :650 °C

Are the ADC12(A383)aluminum alloy die casting materiel right for you ?

Download JAPANESE INDUSTRIAL STANDARD FOR ALUMINUM DIE CASTING PDF to learn more information of ADC12(A383) aluminum alloy specification,ADC alloy (chemical composition and mechanical properties etc).


Choosing the Right Material for Your aluminium die casting Parts

Download aluminium die casting alloy PDF to choose the right aluminum die casting material for your part according to Die Casting Material properties. Don’t see the Adc12 material or aluminum alloy A383 that best choice for your design? Try other die casting metals ? here are few tips for selecting the most suitable aluminum die casting meterial for your design.

» AC44300 : Excellent thermal conductivity casting material

» Anodizing die cating aluminum : for exterior part with high quality anodized surface

» LM6/ADC1/A360 : high corrosion resistance and strength with little elementCU”. Pass salt Spray test about 48 hours

» A380 : Same as adc12 , American stand aluminum

ADC12 (A383) aluminum alloy die casting is common material in china

ADC12(A383) is common die casting material . the performancetoprice ratio is very high. ADC12(A383) aluminum properteis is very excellent.It has ease of casting , good mechanical properties, and dimensional stability ,better corrosion resistances. if you buy die casting part in china , ADC12(A383) is best choice for you.

Case Studies of aluminium Die Casting A383/aluminum alloy adc12

Aluminium Die Casting Fabricant

chrome plating aluminum die casting

die casting heatsink

aluminum die casting heat sink







Applications of aluminium alloy die casting

Electric-car die casting , Automobiles, Motorcycles,LED light,Electronics,Communications,die cast,Led Display Cabinet diecast, Home appliance, ,Aerospace, Carpentry, Defense, Bicycles, Digital technology, Carpentry, Pneumatic tools, Valves, Agricultural machinery

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DIE CASTING ALUMINUM Chemical Composition
Alloy Adc12(A383),ADC1,ADC10,Zl102,A360,A380,etc

you aslo can download die-casting-alloy


die casting aluminium adc12 alloys chemical compistion

die casting aluminium zl102 alloys chemical compistion

die casting aluminium A383 alloys chemical compistion


die casting alloy

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