led die cast lighting housing

die cast lighting housing

Now it’s good time for led light. SYX-LED is  Aluminum  Die Casting led lighting housing manufacturers , 18 years exp in Die casting ,powder coating ,CnC machining ,etc. and   Top die casting  supplier fixtures of philips . .SYX Limited  was founded in 1999 on Shenzhen ,Guangdong ,China . beginning as a die casting  foundry transform over the years into a  one -stop dies casting supplier.On Jan. 2017 , we moved our diecast production to qiaotou Dongguan , employed 150 peoples and occupied 10,000 ft2 of offices& factory. bordering on Hong Kong, GuangZhou,Huizhou . if you need led light fixtures.led street light housing,Led Casing , please feel free to contact me.

 Custom die cast light housing let you success in the highly competitive light market .

what is custom die cast light housing ?

it mean you send the drawing to die casting supplier ,and pay the mold price .and the supplier of die casting make die casting light housing accordding to your drawing . they only can sell your  owner product for you .not another customer. so its you own style light housing in the market .

what is public die casting light housing ?

the die casting supplier make their own light housing copy some style in the market .they sell to  all customer .so we can see the die cast lighting housing everywhere in the market .

what syx die casting comany do ?

we specializing in die casting industy for light company . syx has 17 years expericenc in light market. so we always make custom outdoor floor light housing .so we don’t make public  die casting , not show the private drawing to other light company .

How to make excellent led light housing

  1. design the die casting product and dies
  2. Meeting for New Led Street Light Enclosure
  3. make die casting tooling
  4. Start Die casting Process
  5. die cast lighting housing

deburr, drill ,etc

protetion for the led

powder coating protetion

why we need polished? some customer want  excellent  appearance without any flaw.it’s aslo can improve powder adheres well to the led housing

polished surface

polished surface

Painting the housing by manual  is necessary process for the LED Street Light Casing .it’ can avoid many defect of powder coating.

powder coating line

powder coating

cnc machine can make sure all screw hole is better,no miss,easy assemble

cnc led light housing

WHY CHOOSE US AS LED Casing Manufacturers

1. 18 years in custom die casting led light fixture ,outdoor light fixtures, street light die casting case by led street light housing manufacturers

2. Weight range of al die casting parts: 5g~40 kg,length :2M

3. Aluminium Die cast machines tonnage sizes: 300T,500T,800T,1250T,2000T

4. Finish and Surface Treatment: , powder coating, polishing, sand blasting all in house

5. Secondary Machining: Deburring, Polishing, Drilling, Tapping, CNC Machining, Assembly

6.  top  die casting supplier of  Philip,discolor ,dianming,etc

7 ISO9002 and TS16949 Die Casting Factory with CMM