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ShenZhen China Die Casting manufacturer Capabilities Include

Die Casting Company

Vacuum die casting
aluminum die casting (300T ~2500T
cold chamber shenzhen die-cast machine)
zinc Die casting (88~160 T
hot chamber china die-cast machine)
Sand Casting
Aluminum Profile
Metal Rapid Prototyping


CNC Machining(50Sets ,3-axis ,4 aXis)
Turning ,milling
sanding blasting
vibratory finishing
powder coating

Outside Processing

Aluminium die casting Anodizing

Die Casting Company China

updated on MAY 04, 2019

SYX die casting Manufacturer is custom precision metal component company and one stop Metal Fabrication Manufacturer in dongguan China.near HongKong,shenzhen,GuangZhou,Huizhou. Covers about 10,000 square meters of factory.Accredited ISO/TS16949 ,  150 skillful employees and advanced die casting equitment.SYX is your best choice  .

Die-Casting company SYX’s Customer

SANY, BYD,Philips,Vtechs,INVT,V&T,ETC

shenzhen die casting manufacturer biography :

  Since 1999  China ShenZhen SongYuXing Mould DieCasting co.,ltd founded in shenzhen china by shaosong lee.

Jan. 2017 We moved our factory to qiaotou Dongguan , named “donguan SYX Die Casting Tech. Co.,ltd

one step solution for engineered components:

Electric-car ,Led Display Cabinet, Automobiles, Motor,LED light, Home appliance,Electronics(medical base ,Game slot machine,Communications),etc

Die Casting manufacturer china SYX  Capabilities

Metal Design, Die Casting mould ,Aluminum die casting , Zinc Pressure Die Casting , Aluminum Proflie , Sand casting

Precision Cnc Machining,cnc lathe ,Surface finishing,Assembly/Oem

One Stop Solution from shenzhen die casting company syx

Our services cover everything you need to successfully import from China and you can deal with just one company, not five or six. Cut the cost and reduce risk when you engage SYX to manage manufacturing of your part or product in China. SYX have well entrenched Q&A procedures in place, excellent financial management and proactive thinking in business management.

Materials applied to  industries:

JIS STANDARDS: ADC1, ADC3, ADC10, ADC12 and etc.

AA STANDARDS: A413,A360,A380,A383 and etc.

Zinc  Alloy : ZAMAK 3,Zamak 5 zamak 2#

6061, 6063 etc Special Alloy

iron  ,stainless ,Copper,et

Top Die Casting Company In China

American and European Service, Lower Price

Our Clients:


DongGuan Die Casting Facility

8 sets of aluminium die casting machines ranging from 300T-2,500T, with robot,3 set aluminium center furnace ,2 sets of zinc die casting machines, Vacumm die casting ,50 sets of CNC machines in dongguan syx die casting company

Expert in Metal component

No only professional in die casting ,Shenzhen SYX die casting manufacturer  aslo has 17 years experience in metal rapid prototyping , cnc machining ,stamping, cnc lathe

Quality Policy

In the end of 2017 ,SYX Die Casting company  passed Iso/Ts 16949 , we has CMM, Leak test machine in house  for the precision metal component. and meet the high quality customer requirement.

Learn more about the engineered components syx die casting company manufacture.

  • 1.7M long aluminium cnc machining part

    1.7M long aluminium cnc machining prototyping china

    Note :We’re agreed by showing the ablility of 1.7M long aluminium cnc machining prototyping  china, not for sale.

  • electric-car-parts-supplier

    electric car die casting parts suppliers

    Reliable & leading manufacturer & supplier in China of die casting part for  200V ~ 1140V vector control VSD (AC drives, inverters), servo drives diecast housing,controller aluminium housing , EMI filters die casting casing ,


  • 147-aluminum-6061-t6-prototype-for-moto

    aluminum 6061 t6 prototype for moto

     Note :We’re agreed by showing the ablility of aluminum 6061 t6 prototype for moto , not for sale.


  • aluminium-extrusion

    aluminium extrusion manufacturers in usa

     Note :We're agreed by showing the ablility of aluminium extrusion manufacturers in usa , not for sale.


  • copper iron CNC lathe

    cnc turning parts by cnc lathe

     Note :We're agreed by showing the ablility of cnc turning parts by cnc lathe , not for sale.


  • Communication die casting case

    Aluminium die casting ep. : Communication housing

     Note :We’re agreed by showing the ablility of Communication casing by aluminium die casting china , not for sale.


  • BYD die casting cover

    oem die casting cover china

    oem die casting cover china procedure:

    1.design  ,2 rapid prototype service  by cnc machining 3.500 T  Die Casting , 4. Surface treatment: deburring, polishing,sand-blasting  5. cnc machining6.Inspection and packing

    2 material :adc12

    3.Size:mm ,weight

    4. Application:   electric car

  • anodized aluminium cnc lathe 1

    CNC Turning part By CNC Lathe machining shenzhen china

    CNC Turning part By CNC Lathe machining  shenzhen china procedure:

    1.design  ,2 rapid prototype service  3. CNC Lathe machining 4    g 5. Surface treatment: deburring,powder coating ,adnoize etc  5. Inspection and packing

    2 material : 6061 aluminium  6063 5052

    3.Size:1000mm ,weight

    4. Application: smart home

  • Draw quick lock latch LED display cabinet

    led display accessory-quick pin -simple pin. procedure:


    1.design  ,2 rapid prototype service  by cnc machining 3.  cnc lathe ,Turning cnc,Die Casting china,Stamping,etc  4  5. Surface treatment: deburring, polishing,Powder coating  etc    6.Inspection and packing,assembly

    2 material : ADC12,iron, zamak

    3.Size:mm ,weight

    4. Application:   LED DISPLAY

  • aluminium module cover

    flatness 0.1 mm module aluminium plate

    flatness 0.1 mm module aluminium plate   by china die casting company procedure:

    1.design  ,2 rapid prototype service  by cnc machining 3.  Stamping,  5. Surface treatment: deburring, Brushing,adnoize etc    6.Inspection and packing,

    2 material :copper ,brass ,5052  plate as the clients’requirement

    3.Size:mm ,weight

    4. Application:   LED DISPLAY

China Die Casting Company News

January 2018

vacuum die casting

vacuum die casting for aluminium ,zinc ,mg in china

vacuum die casting Do you need high quality die casting part ? Do you sourcing die casting part with little hole? Do you want cancel  Impregnation for the aluminium die casting part pls see the video of vacuum die casting   1. Design  of vacuum die casting Mold The more knowledge and knowledge of products and castings, the more accurate the design of the vacuum mold is. The first is the layout of mold cavity, including the determination of parting surface, the number and layout of [...]

October 2017

Top die casting company

Top Die Casting company china

Top Die Casting company china Donguan SYX die casting tech.Co,LTD. Top Die Casting company china  – since 1999,Syx Limited found in shenzhen , and moved to dongguan guangdong.A stonger -medium sized die casting company. we has mold workshop ,die casting workshop, secondary process workshop,cnc machining workshop ,powder coating workshop. die casing machine(range 88T to 2000T aluminium die casting),50set cnc machining ,CMM ,Powder coating line. why syx  is top die casting company Excellent service .stronger,but no big .we server our client as god.you can [...]

Aluminum die casting with robot

2000T Aluminum die casting  with robot –automatic spray and pick up Originally published: Sep 1.2017 syx diecasting company invest robot for 2000T  Aluminium die casting machine. IF you want the high quality die casting part.only make casting part by robots .It is getting better and better at inject casting part that once belonged to humans. aluminium die casting is origin and important for the whole process in die casting product .robot get better and better at spraying ,picking the casting.that once [...]

best die casting supplier

how to give lowest price die casting part?

Are you finding best price for you die casting parts             top 10 aluminium die casting companies                                   syx  diecasting company is good choice for you      Choice die casting supplier according to the best quotations please  see the china sky. congratulations to you get the cheapest price ,when you see sky dark and gray .but it is hard for me quote lowest price for the [...]

September 2017

dongguan die casting

How to Buy die casting product in China ?

how to Buy die casting product in China ? It is common knowledge that Sourcing die casting component is most complicated than other Fabrication process .As  Die casting is a  Metal die casting  process that is characterized by forcing 650 °C molten metal under high pressure into a dies cavity.and more secondary process made by manual.So it is very hard to sourcing a good die casting manufacturer in china. In particular ,a lot of die casting company in china. Now I [...]

July 2017

braai behind die casting workshop

Having braai on the back of die casting workshop our sales team girl  became the boss of the braai , saling the meat instead of  die casting part. some  of die casting team cheer !!!! For the excellent performance —2000T die casting machining . Beta Die Casting Equipment

June 2017

Die Casting Factory Live

See videos of all the major processes SYX work in.   click aluminium die casting video   to learn 2000T aluminum die casting service ,and zinc die casting . you can see excellent die casting workshop in qiaotou dongguan . we are  passing  Ts16949   10 Sets die casting machine all in house with Central furnace : 2000T aluminium die casting machine LK Group ,1250T cold chamber die casting machine.which is made by GUANDONG YIZUMI PRECISION MACHINERY co.,ltd . Other Cold Chamber Die [...]

May 2017

syx care all project -die casting ,cnc machining

syx care all project  -die casting ,cnc machining we research the die casting struture,mold design,runner for die casting  with all process workshop manager and project engineer before open the mold . we make sure less problem after the production .and help cusotomer make the part with lower price  ,and suitable technology.This ensures the right process is always used for the right application. we try to meet you excellent design ,but we also want easy to make the part .but  try [...]

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