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 Find  precision die cast  aluminium foundry ?

SYX -China Die Casting Company’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2000 Certified die casting. now TS16949 die casting company china  coming soon

The quality control staff at SYX  ensure that our die casting -cnc machine  team continues to provide the best aluminum die casting and cnc machining and Assembly .  We use a quality assurance checklist for all of our Castings part  to effectively track and verify that the die castings part for our customers meet the necessary standards and requirements of 0.1 precision die casting product.We invite your quality assurance team to visit our facilities.you also can visit  die casting equipment   and   our company  die casting certification



We promise:

Incoming diecast material
Visual Check
Cleaning & Segregation
Quality Audits
Control Plans



cmm for cnc machining part

quality department

inspection die casting part

inspection die casting part—easy ,quickly


High instrument  —————– much easier to operate


Safety Guarantee  for you die casting part   Click die casting faq learn why our price higher


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good die casting supplier

good die casting supplier