die casting videos

Die Casting Process videos

Die casting video help you learn real die casting process,what is die cast aluminum . we not only do die casting ,but aslo from concept to die casting ,and one -stop solusion for  various structure parts.

  • Design , Metal Raply Prototyping , Small batch production
  • Die Casting Mold design and Manufacturing
  • Aluminum die casting weight from 100 ounce to 50 pounds
  • DieCast finishing using CNC machining,CMM, Powder Coating ,etc
  • Assembly for the total structure


let’s have a tour fo die casting company china now.click   die casting process videos

aluminum die casting 2000 Ton Automated Cell For the large-size part

SYX Die Casting Co., Ltd  realized the automation of aluminum die casting product lines by using robots. including the entire process from release agent spraying to the secondary processing such as taking out of die casting parts, folding gates, removing the burr. So The automated die casting technology guarantee absolute consistency of product quality , lower price and profitability .Cotact US [email protected]

Vacuum aluminum die casting

Are you meeting gas porosity, shrinkage porosity, hot tears, and flow marks on you die casting project? do you have project about thin wall thickness die-casting products?Vacuum pressure die casting (VPDC) is a relatively new die casting process that delivers enhanced strength and minimal porosity.Learn more ,Add my skype GDSZSYX

aluminum die cast 300 Ton Automated Cell

The die casting industry is in the midst of incredible growth and growth well onto 2025. .As Die casting is a Metal die casting process that is characterized by forcing 650 °C molten metal under high pressure into a dies cavity, so there are more requirements of handmade in the secondary production process, which makes the injury rate for people in the die casting industry is roughly twice that of other industries