Die casting metals

What is Die cast metal,Alloy Die Casting Materials

Choose right alloy Die casting materials  in the first step of designing pressure die casting parts .such as non-ferrous metals: aluminum (A383,A380,6061,Anodizing) , zinc 3# 5# , Magnesium  AZ91D.

Aluminum Die Casting Metals | A383(ADC12),A360,A380

  • Light weight, density of aluminum = 0.098 lb/in3 ,aluminium melting point : 1,221°F (660.3°C)
  • Good corrosion resistance ,choose without Copper element alloy material ,such as A360 . now we has excellent  secret alu material in corrosion resistance ,free sample if you need to test ,contact me Skype:gdszsyx /whats app 86-18676679161

Zinc die casting alloys

  •  Complex and thin – walled and Small-size structure components
  • Longer mold life with minimal maintenance
  • high quality finishing ,like  plate,painting ,electric coating
  • Superior mechanical and High strength physical properties with accurate  size and exceptional hardness

Magnesium  casting metals

what is the strongest die cast metal

zinc casting alloys has good Toughness performance ,and aluminiun is crisp,easy broken . so we need high quality die casting technic to improve the aluminum die casting ,like vacuum die casting

Are  you  consider mechanical properties, including tensile strength, yield strength, impact strength, hardness, and elongation .

 Tips for your die casting project ?

ONE : Use zinc die casting  process for small part and aluminium die casting suit for large die casting product

TWO : we suggest use adc12 for your aluminum die casting product .because it general material in china . and you can save cost ,and delivery on time .there are  many kinds aluminum for die casting . for example :JIS STANDARDS: ADC1, ADC3, ADC10, ADC12 and etc.AA STANDARDS: A413,A360,A380,A383 and etc. some guys use a360 or adc1 ,because of  the die casting part use near the sea .but we need discuss more .contact me on whatsapp:86 18676679161

Now , SYX only supply  aluminum die casting , zinc die casting , Magnesium die casting, but In future,maybe copper die casting ,iron die casting .6061 die casting . we have a team to research how to meet customer requirement. Let’s Change the world. see one of my project of color anodize die casting product

More information of die cast alloy ADC12(A383),casting A360,A380,413

adc12 aluminum alloy die casting

aluminum adc12 composition -Testing report

How to get Testing report of Aluminum Adc12  Composition    Promet metals testing Laboratory can analyze casting alloy by advanced analytical instruments. The Third Party Inspection Institution in hongkong .it’s aslo ranked top ten lab in the world.and no.1 lab in china.SYX Die Casting LTD check the raw material,semi-finishd products and end product every year.It can effectively prevent materials being out of specifications.In general ,material can be contaminated by adding foreign material or excessive recycling. Please see the test report attached [...]

adc12 aluminum alloy die casting

adc12 aluminum alloy die casting specification

Adc12 aluminum casting alloy specification- die cast Aluminium alloys A383 Nickname: ADC12 is Japanese industrial standard alloy . ADC is short  for Aluminum die castings . Click  aluminum high pressure die casting  to learn more   Equivalent : Chinese  alloy  YL113, Same as America alloy A383. Density die casting of ADC12(A383)    :2.75g/cm^3. Aluminum casting temperature :650 °C Are the  ADC12(A383)aluminum alloy die casting materiel right for you ?   Download JAPANESE INDUSTRIAL STANDARD FOR ALUMINUM DIE CASTING PDF   to learn more  information of ADC12(A383) aluminum [...]

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