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An China Die Casting Company with  17  years long history —SHENZHEN SONGYUXING MOULD CASTING CO.,LTD  (SYX LIMITED),Founded in 1999,  located in 10000 sq ft plant in Shenzhen ,Guangdong ,China . bordering on Hong Kong, GuangZhou , Dongguan,Huizhou. is one of the World’s leader in  Metal rapid prototyping ,Aluminium Die Casting , Zinc Die Casting China ,Magnesium Die casting , Precision Cnc Machining ,Die Casting Mould,Assembly/Oem extrusion-aluminium ,plastic injection manufacturing die casting companies.

SYX was founded in 1999 by Aluminium Casting Engineer ShaoSong Lee .beginning as a die casting shop and transforming over the years into a  finished goods supplier. By early 2015 SYX employed 120 people and occupied 10,000 ft2 of offices, factory, and dormitories in the beautiful garden city of shenzhen  in Guangdong , China. bordering on Hong Kong, GuangZhou , Dongguan,Huizhou .  welcome to visit our facilities.

At SYX LIMITED we care about quality! SYX‘s Quality Management System has been certified to the ISO 9001-2000. Our MOTTO is: Quality first, with competitive price and delivery in time. Our factory are highly acclaimed by customers. Sany, schneider, Foxconn ,Osram, and some other famous companies are our long-term customers. If you need some casting or cnc machined part or OEM Service, SYX will be the best choice for you. Visit our Products page to get an idea on what we are capable of doing. Please Contact Us with your product specification if it is not listed there. we helped many customers to develop and manufacture custom and complex parts in China.

Now we finding partner for the die casting part ,and cnc machining ,and the  industry belowed .learn more please visit agent of die casting

Our Core business:

Metal Design, Die Casting mould ,Aluminum die casting , Zinc Pressure Die Casting , Precision Cnc Machining,Assembly/Oem,Surface treament,All in house made.

Controlling Company

Samll Injection facotory 20% —-rest shares is my boss’s cousin ,Metal Stampings 20%  — the rest is my boss ‘s  mother-in-law.

One Stop Solution:

Our services cover everything you need to successfully import from China and you can deal with just one company, not five or six. Cut the cost and reduce risk when you engage SYX to manage manufacturing of your part or product in China. SYX have well entrenched Q&A procedures in place, excellent financial management and proactive thinking in business management.(only 1% comission )

Our served in the industries:

Electric-car ,Led Display Cabinet, Automobiles, Motorcycles,LED light, Home appliance, Aerospace, Carpentry, Defense, Bicycles, Digital technology, Carpentry, Electronics, Communications, Pneumatic tools, Valves, Agricultural machinery.

SYX Facility—–Learn more please click  china die casting company

Tooling Machine: 1580 ,1060,850 CnC machine ,grinder,Miller,Electrical Discharge Machining

8 die casting machinery : 2000T LK Group die casting machinery ,1250T cold chamber die casting machine.which is made by GUANDONG YIZUMI PRECISION MACHINERY co.,ltd . Other Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine.:800T ,650T 400T 280T 260T 160T

hot chamber die casting machine : 160T, 88T .

50 sets cnc machine: 1380 CNC machining ,4-axis 1165 CNC machining center,1060 CNC machining center,850 CNC machining center,T6 ,T7CNC machining center,8 cnc lathe & automatic lathe

Other Machine :1 Shot Blasting Machine,Many Polish machine,drilling machine,Tapping machine,miller, 1  powder coating line. etc.

Materials applied to  industries:

JIS STANDARDS: ADC1, ADC3, ADC10, ADC12 and etc.

AA STANDARDS: A413,A360,A380,A383 and etc.

Zinc  Alloy : ZAMAK 3,Zamak 5 zamak 2#

6061 6063 etc Special Alloy

iron  ,stainless ,etc

In   chinese die casting companies, we are 17 years expert in die casting ,cnc machining ,any question ,please feel free to contact us.

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