dongguan die casting

Die Casting Company— SYX Liminted established 1999 in shenzhen china. Now move to  Dongguan, Our facilities include  die casting plants and a machining facility encompassing 10000 sq. feet of manufacturing space.  which has Die Casting tooling  workshop , Aluminium die casting workshop Zinc die Casting workshop,Cnc machining workshop,Powder coating and painting workshop.

    Die casting workshop :

   Aluminium die Casting machine machine : 2000T cold chamber die casting by lk Group 1250T cold chamber die casting machine(made by GUANDONG YIZUMI PRECISION MACHINERY co.,ltd)  Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine. 800T 650T 400T 280T 260T 160T

hot chamber Zinc die casting machine:  160T,88T ,

  Cnc machining workshop:

50 sets  cnc machine: 1165 CNC machining center,1060 CNC machining center,850 CNC machining center,650 CNC machining center,2 cnc lathe.etc

We have the in-house capability to provide deburring, Painting and powder coating,Cnc machining,Polishing, vibratory finishing,CNC lathes.rotoblasting,Surface finish 1 powder coating line,  1 Shot Blasting Machine,Polishing machine,vibratory finishing. CMM Inspection。please also see the die casting quality control workshop

If your castings require chromate, anodizing, etc. or we can deliver from our excellent outside vendor base.

              List of cnc maching ,die casting machine in dongguan

Equipment Model Specification Quantity
Aluminium Die casting machine 2000T cold-chamer die casting machine 1 set
Aluminium Die casting machine 280T -800T ,1250T cold-chamer die casting 8set
zinc Die casting machine 88T-160T hot- chamer  die casting

2 sets

Designing Software UG,Proe CAD/CAM
AutoCAD 2D
CNC Machining Center 1,800 mm x 850 mm x 750 mm (6,000 RPM) for die casting  tooling

5 set

CNC High Speed Machining Center 800 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm (14,000 RPM) 15 set
CNC Machining Center 1,300 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm (8,000 RPM) for die casting part 2set
1100 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm (4,000 RPM) for die casting part

3 set

800 mm x 450 mm x 500 mm
(8,000 RPM)
for die casting part 6 set
CNC EDM 900 mm x 500 mm x 600 mm (75A)  die casting  tooling 1 set
CNC EDM 600 mm x 400 mm x 450 mm  die casting  tooling 1 set
EDM 800 mm x 400 mm x 600 mm  die casting  tooling 3 sets
650 mm x 350 mm x 500 mm 2 sets
Milling Machines 700 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm  die casting  tooling 2 sets
700 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm 4 sets
Grinding Machine 700 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm  die casting  tooling 1 set
CNC Lathe automatic lathe  die casting  tooling 8 set
Radial Drilling Machine 1,300 mm x 900 mm x 1,400 mm 1 set
1,000 mm x 700 mm x 900 mm 1 set
Test equipment
 powder coating line  1 sets




2000T die casting in dongguan

2000T die casting machine

1250T die casting1250T  Die Casting machine

aluminium die casting furnace

                                                                                                            aluminium die casting furnace


800T  Die Casting machine

die casting machining

                                                                                                                      500T die casting machining


cnc machining workshopcnc machining workshop

cnc machining china

cmm for die casting

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       cmm for die casting






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