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Aluminium Die casting machine :280T,500T,800T ,1250T 2000T 3500T cold-chamer die casting

Zinc Die casting machine : 160T ,88T hot- chamer die casting

Vacuum die casting, Semi-solid die casting

CNC Machining Center :1,800 mm x 850 mm x 750 mm (6,000 RPM) 10set/ 1000 mm x 600 mm x 500 mm (8,000 RPM) 20set

CNC High Speed Machining Center : 800 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm (14,000 RPM) 10sets /

High precision CMM equipment

X-Ray equipment for test the porosity of die casting part

ISO9001/TS16949 certification SGS Audited Supplier Download Now

Factory show

Our facilities include: Die Casting tooling workshop, Aluminium die-casting workshop, Zinc die Casting workshop, Second-Processing Workshop, CNC machining workshop, Powder coating, and painting workshop

TrustPass Profile

Business Type: Manufacturer
Country / Region:guangdong, China
Factory Size:10,000 square meters
Year Established:1999
Total Employees: 150 People
Annual Output Value:US$10 Million – US$20 Million
Main Markets : Mid East30.00% Eastern Europe20.00% Eastern Asia20.00% South America10.00% others 10.00% Western Europe10.00%

Our Capacity

Max weight – 60kg (132pound)
Max size – 2M
Equitment in house – 100%
Die casting experience – 20 years
CNC machining experience – 18 years
Main Products: Die Casting Parts, Aluminum Parts, Extrusion Parts, CNC Machining Parts, Assembly Parts

Factory Verfication

Our company equipment: automatic die casting machines, CNC machining centers, CNC milling machines, CNC punching machines, numerically controlled lathes, drill & Tapping machines, wire cut machines, wet grinding mills, welding machines, other auxiliary production equipment, and CMM, x-ray Inspection instrument
2500 aluminum die casting machine

Automated Die Casting Machines


Aluminum Center Furnace

cnc Machines(max size : 2m )

4-axis cnc machining machine

4-axis cnc machining

die casting tooling workshop

Die casting tooling workshop

Powder Coating workshop

x-ray for die casting parts

X-Ray equipment

TS16949 Die Casting Company

High precision CMM equipment

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Verified onsite by world-leading inspection company, SGS Group

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SYX in-house capability : deburring, Painting and powder coating,Polishing, vibratory finishing, Shot Blasting .If your castings require chromate, anodizing, we have excellent outside vendor .

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Excellent Die Casting manufacturer in china

dongguan die castingDie Casting Company— SYX Liminted established 1999 in shenzhen china. Now move to  Dongguan

   Our facilities include  die casting plants and a machining facility encompassing 10000 sq. feet of manufacturing space.  which has Die Casting tooling  workshop , Aluminium die casting workshop, Zinc die Casting workshop,Cnc machining workshop,Powder coating and painting workshop.

Die casting workshop

  Aluminium die Casting machine machine  and  Zinc die casting machine  :

Equipment Model Specification Quantity
Aluminium Die casting machine 3500T 2000T cold-chamer die casting machine   2 set
Aluminium Die casting machine 280T,500T,800T ,1250T cold-chamer die casting   4set
zinc Die casting machine 88T-160T hot- chamer  die casting  

2 sets

CNC machining:

cnc machining workshop  cnc machining china

Equipment Model Specification Quantity
CNC Machining Center 1,800 mm x 850 mm x 750 mm (6,000 RPM)

1 set

CNC High Speed Machining Center 800 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm (14,000 RPM)   10 set
CNC Machining Center 1,300 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm (8,000 RPM) for die casting part 7set
1100 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm (4,000 RPM) for die casting part


800 mm x 450 mm x 500 mm
(8,000 RPM)
for die casting part 6 set