Plating on Aluminium die casting and Zinc DieCasting

It’s hard to plating on aluminium die casting

                                                                                                but zinc die casting product is easy

  if your die casting parts require a decorative Finish,Plating surface finished is best choice then painting,powder coating . it’s steel shine surface let the product glitzy and fashionable.In the supermaket , restaurants,casino,we always saw the plating die casting part. but it’ hard plate the aluminium die casting part.

  So super professional die casting company SYX  has  experienced good at solving various incurable diseases of die casting product .we already deliver lots of aluminium die casting housing for our slot machine customer. zinc is easy for me also.

What is Plating on die casting components Process?

Step 1: Design a die casting part that  suit conditions in the plating. A grade surface must close to runner. send drawing to me ,I will send you free DFM .Skype :gdszsyx, whatapp:  +86 18676679161

Step 2: Design and make a larger diecasting mold,with excllent air poppets

Step 3:Use center furnace and bigger die casting machine.

Step 4:Employ  professional worker of polished and plating supplier.

Plating on Aluminum Die Casting Part Examples

  • RF Filter case aluminium die casting

     RF Filter case aluminium die casting  procedure:  ,2 rapid prototype service  by cnc machining 3.  ,Die Casting china, 4 cnc machining   5. Surface treatment: deburring, polishing, plating, power coating6. Inspection and packing

    2 material : ADC12

    3.Size:mm ,weight

    4. Application:   Communication

FAQ's plating on Die Casting components

Honestly speaking,Solid aluminium and extrusion  by cnc machining is best process for plating.but now aluminium die casting aslo can meet the requirement with competitive price.

We must agree some problem on b & C grade surface :Porosity,blisters,etc.but make a deal on  A grade surface

Display ,hotel ,supermaket,casino. where is glitzy and fashinable place

brank die casting machine with center furnace : 2000T LK Group ,1250T cold chamber die casting machine.which is made by GUANDONG YIZUMI PRECISION MACHINERY co.,ltd . Other Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine.:800T ,650T 400T 280T 260T 160T.all in house.

plating color of die casting product

Chrome plating


brass or gold plate

There are four types of gold surface coating: pure, hard, electroless, and brass similar gold.

nickel plating