Extrusion Aluminium

Custom aluminium extrusion  CHINA

one:  aluminum profiles compared to other commonly used metal density is small, light weight, the density is only 2.70 g/cm3, is copper or iron 1/3

Two:  has a very strong corrosion resistance.Good casting performance,Has a good heat dissipation and conductive performance,

Three: Has a good extension of the performance, can be made with a lot of metal elements of light alloy,Quality of material.

Four:Plasticity is strong, the production is good, has the very good superiority to the production.

Five: Good surface treatment performance,

Stable chemical properties, non magnetic, can be recycled, it is a kind of benign

Recyclable metal materials.

Six: Small elastic coefficient,

Impact friction can not spark,

The best performance in the automotive process.



Extrusion Aluminium Part Examples

Extrusion-aluminum Process

To confirm the design correct before mould making,we suggest you to choose Metal Rapid Prototyping. Wide variety of alloys to choose.6061,6063,6061-T6   Over 17 years experience in Design, Product structure development,Precision part manufacturing


Simulation Report,Tooling Design


Making mold In house, Making  various size of molds, the biggest mold we have made so far is of 8 tons with dimension of   The best tolerance we can meet is 1mm for mold and 2mm for parts.

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Deburring, Polishing,Sand-blasting

Drilling,Tapping,Surface Finishing

50  sets  cnc machine: 1165 CNC machining center,1060 CNC machining center,850 CNC machining center,650 CNC machining center,2 cnc lathe etc

The advantage of the Extrusion Aluminium Surface Finishing

1.1 Reflectivity and appearance     1.2 Tarnish resistance 1.3 Ability to bond to rubber (e.g., vulcanizing)      1.4 Hardness   1.5 Enhanced electrical conductivity    1.6Wear resistance  1.7 chemical resistance     1.8 electrical resistance

1.9 Electrical conductivity

Overview of the Extrusion Aluminium Finishing, Learn More

Powder Coating ,  Silk Screen Printing  ,Painting
Plating,  Vibratory Finishing , Anodising
Polishing, Impregnation,Ball Burnishing
Phosphating,Shotblasting, Alochroming
electrophoresis,Chromating,  Degreasing

Assembly structure in house ,SYX have well entrenched Q&A procedures in place, excellent financial management and proactive thinking in business management

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Equipment List

Extrusion machine


Extrusion Aluminium  Profile Alloys:

6061-T6 6063-T6

Extrusion Aluminium  Size &Weight Capacity:

XX″ x 30″ x 30″

25 kg max


EV Car,LED DISPLAY, Motor Housings

LED LIGHTING,Telecommunications