The surface finish metal parts

The Surface Finish Of  metal parts

The advantage of the   Surface Finishing of metal parts

1.1 Reflectivity and appearance     1.2 Tarnish resistance 1.3 Ability to bond to rubber (e.g., vulcanizing)      1.4 Hardness   1.5 Enhanced electrical conductivity    1.6Wear resistance  1.7 chemical resistance     1.8 electrical resistance1.9 Electrical conductivity

please select the best process according to your requirement of part.

  Surface Finish Classifications and Final Finish or End Use
COST surface  Finish Final finish Industry &Technics
1 cheap No cosmetic requirements. Surface imperfections (cold shut, rubs, surface porosity, lubricant build-up, etc.) are acceptable Used as-cast or with protective coatings:Anodize (non-decorative)Chromate (yellow, clear) Internal parts,(aluminium die casting ,extrusion )
2 Medium imperfect Surface  (cold shut, rubs, surface porosity, etc.), that can be removed by spot polishing or can be covered by heavy powder coating paint, are acceptable. Power coating ,Painting ,Sand blast,
Silk Screen Printing,Vibratory Finishing,Phosphating, E-coating
Led display ,Motor controller ,Telecom(aluminium die casting ,Zinc die casting ,mg die casting .AL Extrusion, cnc machining )
3  Expensive  Slight surface imperfections that can be removed by agreed-upon means are acceptable.  Decorative Coatings: Plating ,Polished Finish,painting Special Decorative Parts,chair leg,smart home(aluminium die casting ,zinc die casting ,cnc machining)
die casting comunication

powder coating

byd motor controller aluminium case


Communication die casting case



vibration finish

anodized aluminium cnc lathe 1


led display underground




aluminium rapid prototype

heat treatment

polish al die casting


motor controller die casing


led light housing


sany die casting supplier

Silk Screen Printing

See the note below:

Anodized :  the best material is pure aluminium 6061  ,made by cnc machining.but syx can anodize the die casting parts with aluminium adc12 material ,please see the the case  —anodizing die cast aluminium

heat treatment : T6 for aluminium 6061 ,and T1 for aluminium  die casting part

Impregnation:For the hermetic seal of the die casting part . prevent the water

Silk Screen Printing : Use for logo ,characters,   laser also ok ,but only for simple color

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