aluminium die casting VS Plastic injection

Are considering whether you can use the right kind of plastic for making the 2.4meter x 0.5m x 0.4 meter cast.

Now  I compare  the  aluminium metal   and plastic

  1. The Flatness : aluminum is better ,and stability.
  2. the strenghness  :aluminum is more durable  and more tensile strength.
  3. the cost ,the plastic part  is cheapest ,The tooling also cheap than die casting aluminium
  4. The heatsink:aluminium raise cooling effciency,add external aluminium radiating rib for dissipate heat quickly
  5. if you have choose aluminum with limited money . you can choose sand casting for small patch .and die casting aluminium tooling cost is highest , but we can use extrusion service or stamping  instead of it

contact us , let me help you choose  best way for your part .

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