Aluminum die casting with robot

2000T Aluminum die casting  with robot –automatic spray and pick up

Originally published: Sep 1.2017

syx diecasting company invest robot for 2000T  Aluminium die casting machine. IF you want the high quality die casting part.only make casting part by robots .It is getting better and better at inject casting part that once belonged to humans.

aluminium die casting is origin and important for the whole process in die casting product .robot get better and better at spraying ,picking the casting.that once belonged to humans. now ,we get the alu casting part  stable efficient.

The automation of die casting activities can enable businesses to improve casting performance by with stability, reliability , high productivity and high percent of pass  .Now more and more people do want do die casting job.Automation also contributes to productivity, Let us keep excellent quality, low price and punctual delivery time.

2000T die casting product range 10kg- 35 kg ,if you have inquiry ,please feel free to contact us .skype:gdszsyx ,whatapps +86-18676679161 ,




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