How to Buy die casting product in China ?

how to Buy die casting product in China ?

It is common knowledge that Sourcing die casting component is most complicated than other Fabrication process .As  Die casting is a  Metal die casting  process that is characterized by forcing 650 °C molten metal under high pressure into a dies cavity.and more secondary process made by manual.So it is very hard to sourcing a good die casting manufacturer in china. In particular ,a lot of die casting company in china.

Now I share some die casting examples  that my customer met :

Example 1:  Offer lowest price , but open a smaller mold ,and simple mold .it’s hard to produced in mass production . Or they ask for extravagant prices

when mass production , and let you choose : Agree the price or move mold to another factory.  Final ,you only accept this High bills

Example 2: No professional . all guy want earn money , and can do many thing. if their website main said they do plastic one .  and you choose them as die casting supplier . I think this makes no sense.

Example 3: if there are only small die casting machine,but you die casting product is largest . I suggest you find another die casting company . and if you die casting componet is high quality . try to choose center furnace for aluminium diecasting process.

aluminum die casting

 Confirm to order the aluminum die casting  component?:

you should take it seriously . as you know, becuase it’s hard to change the casting part after mold finished . So please see the blowed tips of  making die casting part.

Tip 1,Try to make some prototyping by cnc machining , I suggset you choose die casting factory do this job .because they know the technology.maybe they will give you some suggestion or DFM to you before prototyping finished or after.

Tip 2.maybe some product can’t make by die cating process . so try to find another way to

replace .  for example , if iphone case can die casting , why apple don’t choose this process?it’s better to choice adc12 material .it can save the time and cost.

Tip 3. you must know the die casting part and see more die casting part ,visit more die casting company . to learn what is die casting . what is die casting prodcut . why die casting product can’t like plastic one.

Tip4.   Prossional company with long history is best choice for you .and try to find suitable company for your project.


How to choice a good die casting manufacturer in China.please follow our expericence as below step by step.

Step 1:  Find professional company ,not can save more cost ,time,avoid the  annoyance.

Step 2: there must be die casting machine in the company. if not ,how can he control the quality and lead time to you.and the cnc machining machine and cmm ,center furnace better in house.

Step 3: It’s better to meet their boss in the factory . he and his company will focus on your product .it’s easy to meet at the medium factory

Step 4:learn basic chinese , it’s better to find suitable die casting company

Step 5: Use wechat ,when you confirm the supplier. it’s easy for you communicate.and learn the project schedule

Now the winter coming,  Find a professional die casting company ,and find directly die casting manufacturer identified by alibaba,we can help you sucess in the markert .syx has 17 years of experience in die casting ,cnc machining .pls feel free to contact me

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