vacuum aluminium die casting in china

vacuum die casting

vacuum aluminium die casting in china

vacuum aluminum die casting

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There is no essential difference between the traditional exhaust design and the vacuum exhaust design for the die casting die. It’s just the way of exhaust. The former is passive exhaust, the metal flow is used to discharge the gas, that is, the so-called positive pressure injection. The latter is the active exhaust, that is, the vacuum device is used to extract the gas from the cavity, and also called negative pressure injection. As far as exhaust effect is concerned, there is a great difference between them. The correct vacuum exhaust application will greatly reduce the gas content in the cavity so as to effectively improve the quality of the product. This paper will discuss some contents of the design of the vacuum die design, with the emphasis on the design of the exhaust scheme.

1. Design foundation of vacuum die casting die

The more knowledge and knowledge of products and castings, the more accurate the design of the vacuum mold is. The first is the layout of mold cavity, including the determination of parting surface, the number and layout of molds. Secondly, the possible filling positions and directions should be considered. One of the most important is the gate design. In order to determine the proper gate area, the following factors must be taken into consideration:

– size of castings

– geometry, including wall thickness, flow path, final filling point, exhaust point, and so on

– optimized mold temperature

– second operation feasibility

– castings quality requirements, including integrity and locality safety, air tightness, surface treatment and machine requirements, etc.

– filling time

– gate speed

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