aluminum die casting vs magnesium die casting vs zinc

 Aluminum alloy die casting  VS  Magnesium alloy die casting ADC-12 ADC-12 silicon containing high liquidity, easy to die aluminum alloy is heavier then magnesium . Outstanding high corrosion resistance.Good smooth appearance, Aluminum alloy can be used to obtain good mechanical properties, physical properties ,good flatnees Magnesium alloy die casting can be cast thin wall and complex structure of the product Aluminum alloy die casting  VS  Zinc die casting Zinc die Casting performance is good, can cast  complex, thin wall precision,surface smooth shape and parts. zinc is heaviest materail [...]


1999Engineer Saosong lee  found the die casting mould factory in nanshan shenzhen.he has 16 years of sand casting ,die casting experience 2000we started to make  die casting parts ,and buy 800T die casting machine 2003we not only die casting company ,also supply one stop solution for  die casting  part 2006We  moved to  songgang shenzhen and start to cnc machining ,assembly , Die Casting factory 2011 buy extra 20 sets cnc machining  ,and 1250T die casting machine precision_cnc_machine shenzhen cnc_machine shenzhen 1250t_die_casting shenzhen cnc_lathe for [...]

Die casting flatness,aluminum plate flatness

Die casting flatness,aluminum plate flatness specification: we can make 0.1 plate flatness tolerance  by any material–copper,brass,aluminium etc. Request Quote request quote for Plate,die casting In the manufacture of precision parts and assemblies, especially where parts will be required to be connected across a surface area in an air-tight or liquid-tight manner, flatness is a critical quality of the manufactured surfaces. Such surfaces are usually machined or ground to achieve the required degree of flatness. High-definition metrology, such as digital holographic [...]

HongKong Die casting company

Simplify the company name — SYX Limited (SYX), Registered   HongKong Die casting company , ShenZhen SongYuXing Mould Casting Co.,Ltd  (深圳市松裕兴模具有限公司)move towards the internationalization why we change the name Many customer said our company name is too long , diffcult to remenber and said . how about calling  SYX. so we change .easy&simple .      

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