Street Light Enclosure

SYX Die casting company has 17 years in business Led Solar Street Light Enclosure

taught us a lot. . We made and delivered die cast aluminium components on the highest level.Always using raw materials of the highest grade and advanced machines

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Note :We’re agreed by showing the ablility of Street Light Enclosure , not for sale.

Product name: led Street Light Enclosure and makingMould 2 ,1250T aluminium die casting ,3.cnc machining 4. Surface treatment: deburring, 5. 6. Inspection and packing
Equipment Used
to Manufacture Part
2000T aluminium die casting,1250T die casting machine ,Central furnace,cnc machinine ,cmm,etc
Applicationled street light
Surface Finishedpowder coating
iso9001 ,TS16949
Port:shenzhen or dongguan


Led Solar Street Light Enclosure manufacturer  CAPABILITIES:

1. Our Business Scope in Led light : Aluminum die casting Parts,  die casting mold, CNC machining, finishing, Powder coating, and assembly services.

2. Aluminium Die casting machines  sizes: 300T-2000T

3. Weight range of aluminium die casting parts: 5g~40kg

4. Secondary Machining: Deburring, Polishing, Drilling, Tapping, CNC Machining, Powder Coating line ,Assembly

5. Passed ISO 9001:2000 and TS16949

SYX Limited  was founded in 1999 on Shenzhen ,Guangdong ,China .  by Aluminium Casting Engineers ShaoSong Lee .beginning as a die casting  foundry transform over the years into a  one -stop dies casting supplier.On Jan. 2017 , we moved our production to qiaotou Dongguan , employed 150 people and occupied 10,000 ft2 of offices& factory. bordering on Hong Kong, GuangZhou,Huizhou .  welcome to visit our new die cast facilities.


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