Street Light Enclosure

SYX Die casting company has 17 years in business Led Solar Street Light Enclosure

taught us a lot. . We made and delivered die cast aluminium components on the highest level.Always using raw materials of the highest grade and advanced machines

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Note :We’re agreed by showing the ablility of Street Light Enclosure , not for sale.

Product name: led Street Light Enclosure
Process and makingMould 2 ,1250T aluminium die casting ,3.cnc machining 4. Surface treatment: deburring, 5. 6. Inspection and packing
Material AdC12
Equipment Used
to Manufacture Part
2000T aluminium die casting,1250T die casting machine ,Central furnace,cnc machinine ,cmm,etc
Application led street light
Surface Finished powder coating
iso9001 ,TS16949
Port: shenzhen or dongguan


Led Solar Street Light Enclosure manufacturer  CAPABILITIES:

1. Our Business Scope in Led light : Aluminum die casting Parts,  die casting mold, CNC machining, finishing, Powder coating, and assembly services.

2. Aluminium Die casting machines  sizes: 300T-2000T

3. Weight range of aluminium die casting parts: 5g~40kg

4. Secondary Machining: Deburring, Polishing, Drilling, Tapping, CNC Machining, Powder Coating line ,Assembly

5. Passed ISO 9001:2000 and TS16949

SYX Limited  was founded in 1999 on Shenzhen ,Guangdong ,China .  by Aluminium Casting Engineers ShaoSong Lee .beginning as a die casting  foundry transform over the years into a  one -stop dies casting supplier.On Jan. 2017 , we moved our production to qiaotou Dongguan , employed 150 people and occupied 10,000 ft2 of offices& factory. bordering on Hong Kong, GuangZhou,Huizhou .  welcome to visit our new die cast facilities.


if you need  Solar Street Light Enclosure

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