aluminum adc 12 composition -Testing report

aluminum adc 12 composition -Testing report

SYX source the aluminium and zinc material from leekeegroup  ( .there are different price  on Varied level aluminium die casting materials (zinc ,mg etc.) in chinese market.  syx has 18 year experiences in die casting market .we know the material is key for the good quality die casting part. SO we use  aluminium  material from  quoted company

We aslo test material by The Third Party Inspection Institution in’s aslo ranked top ten lab in the world.and no.1 lab in china.

please see the test report attached .—-test report of aluminium adc12. compare adc12 aluminum alloy die casting specification. the report show ,it’s  meet the aluminum adc 12 composition . we alway pass  once a month.

We aslo melt aluminium adc12 by the center furnace with green gas. it make sure all die casting part has good quality

Final .  This why we are price higher then smaller factory .

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