adc12 aluminum alloy die casting specification

Adc12 aluminum die casting alloy specification

Specifying the right aluminum alloys for Creating the perfect die casting component at the design stage. you should consider ADC12 aluminum material in order to reduce its manufacturing costs and facilitate the manufacturing process .Tt is the most popular metal choice for the majority of die casting produced worldwide. 


ADC12 is Japanese industrial standard alloy

Abbreviation of ADC

Aluminum die castings

Die casting Aluminum Alloy-equivalents

Chinese  alloy  YL113, Same as America  A383


Cold Chamber Die Casting

Melting Point

600 °C ±50 ℃

 Density of ADC12(A383)


Electrical Conductivity

230% IACS

Thermal Conductivity
96 W / m K
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion


Are the  ADC12(A383)aluminum alloy die casting materiel right for you ?

Download JAPANESE INDUSTRIAL STANDARD FOR ALUMINUM DIE CASTING PDF   to learn more  information of ADC12(A383) aluminum alloy specification,ADC alloy (chemical composition and mechanical properties etc).

Choosing the Right Material for Your aluminium die casting Parts

Download aluminium die casting alloy PDF to choose the right aluminum die casting material for your part according to Die Casting Material properties. Don’t see the Adc12 material or aluminum alloy A383 that best choice for your design? Try other die casting metals ? here are few tips for selecting the most suitable aluminum die casting meterial for your design.

Alloy Name Benefits

Excellent thermal conductivity casting material

Anodizing die cating aluminum

  exterior part with  high quality anodized surface treatment


high corrosion resistance and strength with little element”CU” but more difficult to cast

A380    Similar to Adc12

  Alloy ADC12 (A383) offers improved resistance to hot cracking (strength at elevated temperatures) and die filling characteristics. The aluminum properteis  is very excellent.It has ease of casting , good mechanical properties, and dimensional stability ,better corrosion resistance.  the performance – to – price ratio is  very high.

Case Studies of  aluminium alloy adc12 A383 Die Casting Parts

Applications of aluminium alloy die casting

Some of the uses of this alloy include electronic and communications equipment, automotive components, engine brackets, transmission and gear cases, appliances, lawn mower housings, furniture components, hand and power tools, Electric-car , Automobiles, Motorcycles,LED light,Electronics,Communications,die cast,Led Display Cabinet diecast, Home appliance, ,Aerospace, Carpentry, Defense, Bicycles, Digital technology, Carpentry, Pneumatic tools, Valves, Agricultural machinery.

DIE CASTING ALUMINUM Chemical Composition

Alloy Adc12(A383),ADC1,ADC10,Zl102,A360,A380,etc

Composition (%)

you aslo can download  more  die-casting-alloy composition


die casting aluminium adc12 alloys chemical compistion

die casting aluminium zl102 alloys chemical compistion

die casting aluminium zl102 alloys chemical compistion


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