adc12 aluminum alloy die casting specification

    Adc12 aluminum casting alloys specification- die cast Aluminium alloys

Nickname:ADC12 is Japanese industrial standard alloy .

ADC is short  for Aluminum die castings . Click  aluminum die casting  , learn more  

Equivalent : Chinese  alloy  YL113, Same as America alloy is 383.

density die casting of adc12   :2.75g/cm^3.

aluminum casting temperature :650 °C


Die Cast aluminium properties

die casting alloy density of alu Solidification temperature range °C High temperature cracking gas tight test fluidity Solidification shrinkage trend Corrosion resistance plating anodizing High temperature  strength
ADC1      2 66  574-585 1   1  1 / 2  3  5 3
ADC3      2 66 560-590  1  1  1  /  2  1  3 1
AOC5 2 56 535-620  5  5  4  /  1  5  1 4
ADC6 2 65 590- 640  /
ADC10 2 74 535-590  2  2  2  /  4  1  3 2
ADC12 2.7 515-580  2  2  1  /  4  2  4  2
ADC14 2 73 507-649  4  4  1  /  3  3  5 3
remark:1 mean best ,and 5 mean worst


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Choose adc12 aluminium die casting alloys  in china

   In Asia , adc12 is common die casting material .so the quality is good ,and cost is cheapest.

if you buy die casting part in china , adc12 is best choice for you .delivery on time ,quality higher.

Adc12 aluminum properteis  is very excellent  . aluminum  cast ablility is good ,avoid a lot of die casting defects ,  machining characteristics are good and  Conductive same. But In SYX Die casting company ,we have two furnace for different die casting material .


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  Aluminum Die Casting Material Chemical Composition


   Is your die casting supplier use standard die casting aluminium alloy adc12? or Want to know what is it made of ?pls click the picture

Die Casting Material properties

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we has two center furnace with 6 sets holding furnace .so we can use any materilal you want ,and prove all material quality

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Learning center of casting aluminium alloy

adc12 aluminum alloy die casting specification

aluminum adc12 composition -Testing report

How to get Testing report of Aluminum Adc12  Composition    Promet metals testing Laboratory can analyze casting alloy by advanced analytical instruments. The Third Party Inspection Institution in hongkong .it’s aslo ranked top ten lab in the world.and no.1 lab in china.SYX Die Casting LTD check the raw material,semi-finishd products and end product every year.It can effectively prevent materials being out of specifications.In general ,material can be contaminated by adding foreign material or excessive recycling. Please see the test report attached [...]


Case Studies of ADC12 aluminium Die Casting




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