aluminum die casting defects

aluminium die casting

aluminum die casting defects

Aluminum die casting defects

   Aluminum die casting defects is an undesired irregularity in a aluminium Die casting process .but it’s also a normal phenomenon .As 650°C molten aluminium material solidify into casting by high pressue.  This process cause Gas porosity,Shrink porosity,etc casting defect.moreover the long process from  casting to final product by man-made, It aslo lead to  the Surface defects and another problem. Sometime you need try to accept the imperfection .                SYX has 17 years  exp. in  diecasting . we  solved many difficult and complicated die casting defects by excellent  equipment  and experience and supply perfect casting product . our team  research a way  how to meet customer requirement .

 Type of  casting defects  images :

  In Al casting the most common defects are gas porasity and shrink porosity and wraping.cracks. These defects can be caused by smallest diecast dies size ,wrong design of mold, lack of venting, cold mould, low aluminium temperature or high, dirty metal, Other possible defects are turtle cracks, pushed pins,drags,etc please see aluminium die casting defects ppt or casting defects and remedies pdf.

gas porosity, blow holes

gas porosity

  shrink porosity

shrink porosity

shrink porosity



  bad flatness ,bending, warping

die casting flatness

Die casting defects causes and solutions

AL die casting defects causes

 gas porasity

shrink porosity



AL diecast defects Solution

Like mosquito , we can eliminate gas porasity . but we can hide it  in an unimportant’s depand on the mold designer , and machining allowance. if you product has high requirement ,we suggest choose brand die casting machine with center furnace .

shrink porosity is same as gas porasity problem . try to open large mold and use bigger die casting machine to kill it.

cracks  try to choose brand aluminium material to solve it and with center furance ,we can avoid cracks on the rough  casting ,

wraping , please click my post of  wraping die casting part

Working With a professional diecast company to Avoid DieCasting Defects

There are  many die casting supplier in  the big manufacturing country .But it’s hard to find suitable and powerful factory in china .SYX die casting company has been helping customers produce quality casting products for more than 18  years,   contact us to see how we can help you. Now I give you some tips to avoid defects :


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