3500T die casting machine will be used to make large aluminum part

Large Aluminum Part – Large Die Casting Parts -Large Die Casting

Max weight 132LBS,Max length 118inch . learn more about large die casting

SYX Group Purchase 3500T Die-casting machine for your large aluminum parts.The machine is the next generation, three-platen die-casting platform,Closed-loop control, modular design and Industry 4.0 capability.

large aluminum parts

Key Benefits

Large aluminum parts

We can make Aluminum products with the heaviest weight of 132lbs, and the longest is 118inch.

Higher Quality Die Casting

Based on 22 years of die casting experience, SYX brings innovative advances in precision, control and operability to deliver higher-quality for your product

Industry 4.0

All processes are automatically operated by computers to reduce human factors, provide production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

3500T die casting coming

Split and transport to dongguan factory



Close to finish Assembly

Half assembled
3500T die casting finished

Officially put into production in 2020



Need Large aluminum die casting Parts ?


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