die cast draft angle

high pressure die cast draft angle

Die cast draft angle meant the taper or slope in perpendicular direction of the casting. Most of die-casting surfaces which vertical to the parting line of the mold require draft in order to the die-cast part easy get out of the core or other parts of the die cavity.

why is draft angle important

The shrinkage stress during the forming cooling shrinkage die casting process , which causes the casting stick to the die core and a resistance to mold release in the process of ejection of the casting from the mold.In order to reduce the resistance of releasing the casting from the core more easily, and prevent  the surface of the casting  and  core are scratched by the friction  caused from relative movement. 

 In short the die-cast Draft Angle Casting must be set on the side surface of the casting in the same direction as the release


how to  design and measure draft angle

1. Increase (Add) mass {+draft} /Decrease (Reduce) {-draft} mass

Normal ,best choise is decrease mass  to avoid interference  ( failure to install)

and add the mass for  the part need cnc machining ,  reduce the mass without machining ,


Die cast draft angle

how to measure the die cast drfat angle


Aluminum high pressure die cast draft angle

normal  2 Degrees, min 1 degrees  .  Max draft is applied to a die casting part ,  you can get good quality die cast product  and Dont worry about products all day.

Zinc high pressure die cast draft angle

For zinc part , we has experience in zero draft angle. we always try my best to meet customer requirement.

Die Cast draft angle chart

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